Intact Block-Power 12-2.9 Battery

The batteries of the line Intact Block-Power are principally used in alarm devices. But they are also an absolutely authentic energy storage in all categories of the safely-energy-accommodation, illumination and in hobby-applications. The batteries
are also appropriate for little traction-uses in the wheelchair- and rehab-area.
Technical Data
 Intact Block-Power 12-2.9
 Nominal Voltage [V]  12
 Rated Capacity (20 h at 25°C) [Ah]  2.9
 Weight [kg]  1.1
 Elektrolyte  Diluted Sulphuric Acid
 Elektrolyte Specific Gravity [kg/l]  1,25 +/- 0,01
Container  PP Container type grey colour
 Dimensions (l*w*h) [mm]  76 x 56 x102
 Construction  AGM
 Seperator  Grid plate
 Application  Solar, Traction, Lighting
 Features  Maintenance free
 Life expectancy  7 - 10 years
 filled and charged
 Article No.  302.413