Small Solar Home System

Small Solar Home Systems (SSHS) are subsidised Photovoltaic Systems by the government. Those systems are mainly for the rural and remote areas to allow off grid locations access to electrical light.

The system usually comprises of a 5Watt panel with two portable light sources. Our system is especially developed for the situation of rural areas in least developed countries. With a very simple mounting system and straight forward instructions, a layman can easily install the system by himself.

The lights are sufficient to help for basic home lighting and can even be utilized as torches. This allows the person to utilized the lights as much as possible, avoid open light sources, smoke, fire hazards and other implications through the usual way of lighting up the home or sheds.

Obviously is the system also available for the Urban market, as also in the cities, the use of candles or kerosene is abundant  due to the load shedding issues.