Sundaya AC Grid Charger DC10

The DC10 can be used in combination with S3/S4 and almost any 220 VAC power source to form a powerful continuous power supply (CPS) system. It provides a stable 12VDC output, straight to the aplication, or to the S3/S4. The unit is capable of handling a maximum load of 10A. In areas with bad electricity grid a CPS provides the comfort and security of never failing lamps and applications.

 General Specifications  
 Product name 
 DC 10
 Product description  Powerful 12VDC grid charger
  Mechanical Specifications  
  Body Material 
 Connector and fitting material   Brass / Nickel plated (low resistance)
 Product dimensions (LxWxH)
  243.5 x 118 x 54.70 mm
 Nett product weight
  0.724 kg
 Standard packaging  1 pc.
 Packaging Dimensions (LxWxH)  253 x 153 x 62 mm
 Gross weight  0.910 kg
 Volume / Pcs. per m3   
 0.002 m3 / 500 boxes per m3
 Electrical Specifications  
 Input voltage range 10Amps  150 - 240Vac
 Input voltage range 0.4Amps  100Vac
 Maximum Operating Voltage
 Frequency  50 - 60 Hz
 Peak Inrush current cold start 
 Input current , max load, 150Vac
 Input Leakage current @ Vin=264Vac
 3.5mArms max
 Output Voltage  14.5VDC +/- 1%
  Output Current (max)     10 Amp
 Life time of electronics 
  25,000 hours
 Other functionality  High efficiency ( > 80% )
   Over Power Potection of output
   Overload shut down at output of 9.0V with auto reset
   Output overvoltage protection < 18 V
   Thermal protection