Sundaya ALight 210 (6W)

 The A-light is the best price performance ratio lamp in the industry. The A-light uses a Philips 10W fluorescent tube and is equiped with the highest grade electronic components to ensure a long lifetime. The uniquely shaped UV-stabilized reflector takes care of a good difusion of the light. The A-light displayed here produces 210 Lumens at 6W or 360 Lumens at 10W power consumption.

General Specifications
 Product name   Alight6  Alight8  Alight10
 Product description  Armature for fluorescent light ( 12VDC version )
 Electrical Specifications      
 Available ballast types INTL 12D06
INTL 12D08 INTL 12D10
 Nominal operating voltage  12.0 VDC  12.0 VDC  12.0 VDC
 Minimum operating voltage 10.0 VDC
 10.0 VDC  10.0 VDC
 Maximum operating voltage  14.5 VDC  14.5 VDC  14.5 VDC
 Nominal operating current  0.48 Amp  0.64 Amp  0.80 Amp
 Minimum operating current 0.45 Amp 
 0.60 Amp
 0.75 Amp
 Maximum operating current  0.55 Amp
 0.72 Amp  0.83 Amp
 Approximate lumen output >210lumen >280 lumen

 >350 lumen

 Nominal operating frequency  48 kHz    
 Life time of tube (on-off cycles)  >7500 cycles
 Life time of tube (burning hours)  >8000 hrs    
 Life time of electronic ballast >30,000 hrs
 Other functionality  - High efficiency ( 81% )
   - Reverse polarity protection
   - Open circuit protection
   - Optional 0,5W incandescent nightlight
 Mechanical Specifications      
 Lamp Fixture Materials  white ABS (UV stabilized)
 End caps material  cream, black or grey ABS
 Connector and fitting material  Brass / Nickel plated (low resistance)
 Product dimensions (Lxdiameter)  428 x 125 x 51mm
 Net product weight  0.28 kg    
 Available switch types  S0 / Without switch
   S1 / Rocker switch ( on-off )
   S2 / Rocker switch ( on-off-on ) and 0.5W nightlight
   S3 / Pull switch ( on-off)
   S4 / Pull switch ( on-off-on) and 0.5W nightlight
 Standard packaging  50 pcs.
 Packaging Dimensions (LxWxH)  780 x 450 x 330 mm
 Gross weight 16.0 kg    
 Volume / Pcs. per m3  0.116 m3 / 8.6 boxes per m3