Sundaya E17 Luna 60 (1W) 102.980 Sundaya E17 Luna 60 (1W)

The Luna is a White LED lamp with a power consumption of only 0,25 to 1 Watt; The Luna is very suitable as a reading lamp when combined with the Tablo and Pointer.

 General Specifications  
 Product name Luna
 Product description  Small lighting fixture for 12 VDC


Electrical Specifications
 Available types LUNA 1 (1 Watt
LUNA1/2 (1/2Watt)
LUNA 1/4 (1/4Watt)
 Nominal operating voltage  12.0 VDC  12.0 VDC  12.0 VDC
 Minimum operating voltage   
 10.0 VDC   
 10.0 VDC   
 10.0 VDC   
 Maximum operating voltage  14.5 VDC  14.5 VDC  14.5 VDC
 Nominal operating current  75 mAmp 35 mAmp  15 mAmp
Maximum operating current  80 mAmp  40 mAmp  20 mAmp
Other functionality - very low power consumption
   - Reverse polarity protection
 Mechanical Specifications  
 Lamp fixture materials  polypropylene
 Lamp Color  Yellow, Green, white water clear
 Connector and fitting material  Brass / Nickel plated (low resistance)
 Product dimensions (LxWxH)  120 x 73 mm
 Net product weight  0.069 kg