Sunny Boy 4200TL HC Multi String

Whether in operation with various module types, through differing arrangements of the module, over-shadowing or different module quantities per string: both Multi-String inverters ensure optimal solar yields.

Wide input-voltage and -current ranges allow combination with all commercially available crystalline modules. The transformerless topology offers two further decisive advantages: an efficiency of 96.2% and simple installation due to the low overall weight.


  • Efficiency > 96%
  • Transformerless


  • Broader input voltage range.
  • Multi-String technology


  • Integrated DC circuit breaker Electronic Solar Switch (ESS)
  • Worldwide SMA Service including Service Line
  • Comprehensive SMA Warranty program

Input (DC) SB 4200TL HC
Max. DC-voltage 750 V
Max. input current 2 x 11.0 A
Quantity MPP-Trackers 2
Output (AC)  
Max. AC-power 4200 W
nominal AC voltage 220 V - 240 V
AC grid frequency 50 Hz
Max. Efficiency 96.20%
Euro-eta 95.40%
Protection Device  
Integrated DC-Circuit breaker ESS yes
General Data  
Operating temperature range -25° C - +60 ° C
Topology Transformerless
Cooling concept convection
Mounting location: inside / outside (IP65) yes / yes
LCD-Display yes
Interface: RS485/remote wireless optional / optional