HOPPECKE net.power batteries are based on the use of flat platetechnology and the fixing of the electrolyte in glass mats (AGM).

The compact design, the backwards carrying handle inside the battery lid, the standard dimensions which give a high compatibility particularly in the ETSI and 23” racks domain, offer an easy and stabile handling and a comfortable assembly. The option of assembly HOPPECKE net.power batteries as front terminal battery optimises the handling and makes measurements even in very close mounted battery systems.

The central degassing integrated in the battery lid can, by using optional tubes, be used to carry out all occurring gases. Based on the integrated flame proofing and the optimised material characteristics (using of flame retard ABS-Material) HOPPECKE net.power batteries guaranty highest safety standards (for example UL 94 VO)

The maximisation of the internal volume causes an increasing of the energy density and therefore an optimal use even of very small footprints.

HOPPECKE net.power batteries combine maximum energy density and minimum of needed room and so they are mostly used in USV- and telecommunication applications.

The complete insulated connector technology affords a maximum safety even in higher voltage ranges used in USV and telecommunication applications.

HOPPECKE net power batteries are classified as long life batteries with a live expectancy of more than 12 years and meet with EUROBAT classification “Long Life”.

Product Features

  • Electrolyte fixed in glass mat
  • Protection against flashback and central degassing integrated in the lid
  • Standardised dimensions
  • Composite terminal / system connector
Product Benefits
  • Reduced maintenance (no water refilling)
  • Enhanced protection against risk of explosion
  • Compatible with standard 19’’ and 23“ cabinets
  • No corrosion
  • Prevents short-circuits even during installation