Bio-diesel from Industrial Hemp & its Controlling Mechanism

15 Dec, Kathmandu.

Biotechx Energy International Pvt. Ltd concluded its second stake holder seminar with concern authority of Nepal Government on 15 Dec 2008 with the theme of Bio-diesel from Industrial Hemp & its Controlling Mechanism. The seminar was attended by representative from Home Ministry, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Supplies, Ministry of Agriculture, Nepal Oil Corporation and different Media Personal where also present on the Seminar.

Mr. Andreas Sommer CMD, Biotechx Energy International Pvt. Ltd, presented the possibilities of Bio-diesel from Industrial hemp and its controlling mechanism in Nepal.  

Mr. Sommer said "There is a big difference between local hemp and Industrial hemp, The THC content is very low in Industrial hemp which cannot be used as Drug purpose."

Mr. Sommer further added that Nepal has signed and ratified the United Nation's Single Convention on Narcotic Drug where UN clearly States: This Convention shall not apply to the cultivation of the cannabis plant exclusively for industrial purpose (fiber and seed) or horticulture purpose".