Biotechx Energy International Pvt. Ltd. introduces new process

Kathmandu, Nepal October 2006

Biotechx Energy International initiates Biodiesel Production in Nepal.

Biotechx Energy International under the lead of Andreas Sommer, has built up a viable project to ease the burden of Nepal due to Petroleum Product Shortages and to introduce Biodiesel and other Advanced alternative energy sources for Nepal.

Biotechx has after long research found a feasible, environmental and social responsible way of producing Biodiesel within Nepal. The project is aiming to produce initially about 3% of the existing Diesel Demands in Nepal and thus ease the shortage and additionally start to implement an environmental way of transport. Additionally, Biotechx is planning to produce Electricity from waste in an industrial scale in Nepal.

The Project will cover around 10000 Hectares of Land and will benefit around 5000 small scale farmers. With future demand rising, the Project will increase to about 10 times the initial scale.

This will mean that every liter of Biodiesel or any product made through Biotechx will directly benefit the local small scale farmer and the Nepalese economy as a whole.