Biofuel from Industrial Hemp

Hemp Oil is a very viable source for Biofuel production. Our scientist and engineers have run a variety of tests and not only did they discover that Hemp biodiesel has a better cloud point and cetane value than biodiesel made from canola or soy oil but also a very low sulphuric acid value which is beneficial for the longevity of the engines.

Biotechx Energy International believes, that the production of Biofuel from Industrial Hemp, especially in least developed nations like Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, as well as China and India have not only a very favorable climate but also vast areas of unused land and low cost labor to produce Hemp in abundance for Biofuel and Biogas production.

Hemp in its subtropical natural climate can produce up to 2000Kg of seeds per hectare and therefore exceeds the normal levels of 700-1200Kg of seeds grown in lesser favorable climates.

Biotechx Energy International is further pushing into this market due to it´s believe, that the biggest biomass producer in the plant world has a very high potential to be a renewable energy crop.