Intact Gel-Power 60B Battery

 The advantages of Intact Gel-Power batteries over its conventional counterpart are numerous.Special features are:
– Maintenance Free
– No leakage of liquid and gas
– Low in self-discharge rate
– Able to operate in a wide temperature range
– Economical and al long life
– Designed for high-discharging purpose
– Excellent performance in difficult climatic circumstances
B= bottom lath

 Technical Data
 Intact Gel Power 60B
 Nominal Voltage [V]  12
 Rated Capacity (20 h at 25°C) [Ah]  51
 Rated Capacity (20 h at 25°C) [Ah]  60
 Rated Capacity (100 h at 25°C) [Ah]  70
 Weight [kg]  21,7
 Elektrolyte Diluted Sulphuric Acid - set in Gel
 Elektrolyte Specific Gravity [kg/l]  1,28 +/- 0,01
 Container  PP Container type grey colour
 Dimensions (l*w*h) [mm]  278 x 175 x 190
 Construction  lead calcium technology
 Seperator  microporous rubber seperators
 Application  Solar, Traction, Lighting, Car audio
Durability  approx. 300 cycles according IEC 254-1
Warranty  12 Months - Maintenance free
 filled and charged
 Article No.  302.476