Proven Wind Generators

Proven Energy turbines are robust, reliable and elegant producing energy under the harshest of conditions. The patented Proven Flexible Blade System enables the wind turbine to generate power in light or strong winds. They produce a number of wind turbines, each designed to offer sustainable energy solutions across a wide range of industry sectors, from domestic to offshore. Phaesun has many years’ experience and can help you choose the right system for your needs. We offer a complete service, from site assessment and system design to supply, installation and maintenance.


  • Proven Energy turbines are downwind meaning the wind hits the back of the blades, allowing the blades to bend and flex.
  • As the wind gets stronger, the blades twist to reduce their aerody namic efficiency.
  • Proven Energy turbines maintain a high output even in the fiercest storms, unlike many turbines which need to stop generating power to protect themselves at high wind speeds.
  • It produces low noise because it has a direct drive generator, which operates without a gearbox. There is no cut out wind speed which makes for a robust machine and has a high overall energy output.
  • Cut in wind speed = 2.5 m/s, Turbines still operate at 70 m/s
  • The blades are created on the design of a wing of a spitfire.