SL -36

EGL SOLUX street light is series of aesthetic city lighting and economical rural lighting powered by solar energy stored during the daytime.

SOLUX street lights provide the beauty and safety to the public. The need for buried electrical cable work is eliminated, making this a more viable investment than conventional street lighting system. In addition, there is no running costs. EGL solar light is an ideal solution of rural areas and roads.

System components :

  • EGL Solux photovoltaic module (1pc)
  • SOX low pressure sodium light bulb (1pc) or MH metal halide light bulb (1pc)
  • SOX or MH eballast and light house fitting (1set)
  • EGL SL-CL2410 light controller (1pc)
  • AGM deep-cycle batteries (2pc)
  • British Standard pole (1 set)
  • Outdoor electrical cabinet (1pc)
Unique Features :
  • Light on/off controlled by automatic daylight sensing or hour preset.
  • Controlled charging to prolong battery service life
  • Light temperature control.
  • Surge and OC/SC protection.
  • Auto-restart.
  • Lamp pole finishing options: 1. hot-dip galvanized layer, 2. ethylene oxide coating, 3. powder/polyester coating