Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7

Skystream 3.7 is a breakthrough in a new generation of RPAs (Residential Power Appliances) that will change the energy landscape of how homes and small businesses receive electricity. Skystream is the first fully integrated system that produces energy for less than the average cost of electricity in the United States and it produces usable energy in exceptionally low winds. Skystream is available on towers ranging from 35’ (10.67m) to 110’ (33.5m). Its universal inverter will deliver power compatible with any utility grid from 110-240 VAC. Skystream will efficiently and quietly provide up to 100% of the energy needs for a home or small business. Any extra energy is fed into the grid spinning the meter backward.


  • Rated wind speed: 9 m/s
  • Rated power: 1,8 kW

Technical Specifications
 Model Skystream 3.7
 Rated Capacity  1.9 kW continuous output,
   2.6 kW peak
 Weight  170 lb (77 kg)
 Rotor Diameter  12 ft (3.72 m)
 Swept Area  115.7 ft 2 (10.87 m2)
 Type  Downwind rotor with stall
   regulation control
 Direction of Rotation  Clockwise looking upwind
 Blades  Fiberglass reinforced composite (3)
 Rated Speed  50 - 325 rpm
 Maximum Tip Speed  216.5 ft/s (66 m/s)
 Alternator  Slotless permanent magnet
 Yaw Control  Passive
Grid Feeding  Southwest Windpower inverter
120-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
 Battery Charging  Battery Sensor available for
   battery charging systems
 Braking System  Electronic stall regulation with
   redundant relay switch control
 Cut-in Wind Speed  8 mph (3.5 m/s)
 Rated Wind Speed  21 mph (9.4 m/s)
 User Control  Wireless 2 way interface
   remote system
Survival Wind Speed  140 mph (63 m/s)
 Warranty  5 Year Limited Warranty