Sundaya Multilight 1 300 (6W)

General Specifications
 Product name   Multilight1
 Product description   100% waterproof ( submersible ) hand held multi purpose
    lamp with stainless steel hook ( 12VDC version )
 Electrical Specifications      
 Available ballast types INCFL-DS06
 Nominal operating voltage  12.0 VDC  12.0 VDC  12.0 VDC
 Minimum operating voltage 10.0 VDC
 10.0 VDC  10.0 VDC
 Maximum operating voltage  14.5 VDC  14.5 VDC  14.5 VDC
 Nominal operating current  0.43 Amp  0.64 Amp  0.86 Amp
 Maximum operating current  0.50 Amp  0.75 Amp  1.00 Amp
 Available CFL types  3U 4pin  3U 4pin  3U 4pin
   6 Watt  9 Watt  12 Watt
 Approximate lumen output >240lumen >360 lumen

 >510 lumen

 Nominal operating frequency  48 kHz    
 Life time of tube (on-off cycles)  >100,000 cycles
 Life time of tube (burning hours)  >10,000 hrs    
 Life time of electronic ballast  The Multilight electronic ballast incorporates a pre-heating circuit,
   resulting in a very high number of cycles and burning hours. It also
   reduces tube blackening.
 Other functionality  - High efficiency ( 85% )
   - Reverse polarity protection
   - Replaceable tube with bayonet type connector
   - Protection for operation without tube
 Mechanical Specifications      
 Lamp Fixture Materials  black ABS handle, unbreakable polycarbonate cover and stainless steel hook.
 Product dimensions (Lxdiameter)  262 x 64mm
 Net product weight  0.40 kg    
 Standard cable  10Am Round PVC flexible round electric cable (2x0.5mm2)
 Standard cable length  4.0 meter    
 Available plug types  P0 / Without plug
   P1 / With 12VDC car lighter plug
   P2 / With Sundaya DC plug
   P4 / With battery clamps
 Standard packaging  1 pc. in plastic bag / 12 pcs. per mastercarton
 Packaging Dimensions (LxWxH)  430 x 290 x 170 mm
 Gross weight  5.0 kg    
 Volume / Pcs. per m3  0.021 m3 / 47.6 boxes per m3