Sundaya S4.200 with Hub

The S4 is a completely sealed and maintenace free 12VDC electricity storage system that can be charged directly from any size solar panel ranging from 10 up to 120 Wp or from other p,owersource like the Sundaya DC10. The unit is equipped with a unique electronic battery state of charge display (LCD) and a buzzer to warn user when battery is running low. It is comletely Plug and Play and comes with a standart cable set that can be plugged into the S4.

 General Specifications  
 Product name  S4 (Sundaya Smart Storage System)
 Product Type  S4.200
 Product description  12VDC Electricity Storage System with integrated smart
electricity management electronics.
 Electrical Specifications  
 S4 Type  S4.500
 Nominal System Voltage  12 VDC
 Charge Input Voltage Range  13.5-14.5 VDC
 Maximum Charge Current  10 Amp
 Load Output Voltage Range  11.5-14.5 VDC
 Maximum Load Current  10 Amp
 Maximum Storage Capacity  200 Watthours
 Controller Efficiency  98 %
 Controller Software  Forced Health Improvement (FHI)®
 Ambient temperature allowed  
 Operating Temperature  -10°C to +55°C
 Storage temperature  -40°C to +85°C
 Enclosure protection class  IP55
 Other functionality  - Electronic overload / short circuit protection,
   - Reverse polarity protection
   - Surge protection
 Indicator model  LCD Display Panel
 Power consumption (on/off)  0.1 A (max) / 0 A
 Battery low Condition (0%)  11.65 +/- 0.05 V
 Battery Full Condition (100%)  12.55 +/- 0.05 V
 Indicator for Battery State of Charge  (0 - 100%) LCD Displays State of Charge (10 steps
   with push button Power switch and Display switch.
 Wiring & Sockets  - Module Input and Load Output Female socket,
   - Activator socket.
   - Double C-Socket with Switch
 Mechanical Specifications  
 Enclosure Materials  ABS
 Standard battery  20 Ah
 Nett generator weight (w/o battery)  1.5 kg
 Gross weight (inc.Sundaya dry battery)  6 kg
 Gross weight (with box)  7.5 kg
 Product dimensions (LxWxH)  275 x 206 x 295 mm
 Packaging Dimensions (LxWxH)  280 x 210 x 360 mm
 Volume / Pcs. per m3  0.021m3 / 47.6 pcs. per m3