Sunny Mini Central 6000A

The Sunny Mini Centrals 4600A, 5000A and 6000A impress with their performance capabilities.

High efficiencies and the perfect temperature management ensure the best energy yields. The devices function with maximum performance even with high ambient temperatures.


  • OptiCool cooling system
  • Electric separation
  • Integrated DC circuit breaker Electronic Solar Switch (ESS)


  • Graded power classes
  • For indoor and outdoor installations


  • Worldwide SMA Service including Service Line
  • Comprehensive SMA Warranty program

Input (DC) 6000A
Max. DC-Voltage 600 V
Max. Input Current 26.0 A
Quantity MPP-Trackers 1
Output (AC)  
Max. AC-power 6000 W
Nominal AC voltage 220 V - 240 V
AC grid frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Max. efficiency 96.10%
Euro-eta 95.20%
Protection Device  
Integrated DC-Circuit breaker ESS yes
General Data  
Operating temperature range -25° C - +60 ° C
Topology low frequency Transformer
Cooling concept OptiCool
Mounting location: indoor / outdoor (IP65) yes / yes
LCD-Display yes
Interface: RS485/remote wireless optional / optional