Sunny Tower with 6 SMC 8000TL

As easy to install as a central inverter, as profitable as a Sunny Mini Central: The Sunny Tower offers the advantage of string technology and central inverter in one.

Six Sunny Mini Centrals are integrated into a stainless steel assembly tower. Equipped for example with the SMC 8000TL the Sunny Tower provides an efficiency of 98 %. The MPP Trackers of the individual inverters ensure the best possible utilization of the generator.

Upon delivery the complete Sunny Tower assembly is pre-installed, the cabling factory-prepared. A single connection point on the AC side ensures uncomplicated comissioning.


  • Efficiency up to 98 %
  • increased yield due to multiple MPP trackers
  • OptiCool cooling system


  • Delivered as a turn-key solution
  • Easy installation
  • easy-to-follow commissioning


  • Modular Design
  • Combination of different Sunny Mini Centrals possible


  • Integrated DC circuit breaker Electronic Solar Switch (ESS)
  • Worldwide SMA Service including Service Line
  • Comprehensive SMA Warranty program

Input (DC) with 6 SMC 8000TL
Max. DC-voltage 700 V
Max. input current 6 x 25 A
Output (AC)  
Max. AC-power 48 kW at 40 °C
Nominal AC voltage 220 V - 240 V
AC grid voltage 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Max. Efficiency 98.00%
Euro-eta 97.70%
Protection Device  
Integrated DC-Circuit breaker ESS yes
Degree of protection  
Per DIN EN 60529 IP65 (inverter)
  IP44 (Sunny Tower)
Mechanical data  
width x height x depth in mm 1100 x 1800 x 990
eight 300 kg