HOPPECKE solar.bloc batteries are based on an optimised flat plate and an electrolyte fixed in glass mats which even take the separating function . Solar bloc batteries are maintenance free and offer a very good cycling expectancy and an efficient charge current consumption.

Based on the optimisation of the internal construction (active mass, available electrolyte), HOPPECKE solar.bloc batteries find their optimal application in solar systems.

The shock resistant polypropylene housing is robust against environmental influences and offers an easy assembly and a comfortable handling through integrated handles.

Product Features

  • Ideal storage for renewable energy (solar, wind etc.)
  • Electrolyte fixed in glass mat
  • Optimised grid electrode
  • Robust, reinforced PP
  • Integral handles
Product Benefits
  • Reduced CO2-emission
  • Reduced maintenance (no water refilling)
  • Horizontal operation (option)
  • Long life in cyclic operation
  • Efficient take-up of charging current
  • Resistant to environmental factors
  • Easy to handle